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BurningAmp Festival Web Site

Web design and development for the new 5th Annual Burning Amp Festival – October 1, 2011. The DIY show for audiophiles and the general public who make their own equipment or are interested in making their own components. Bring your friends and fellow techies to check out this year’s displays of cool amps, speakers, and parts done by audio enthusiasts and DIY’ers from around the world.

Providing the web hosting and WordPress development for event organizers. Simple site with basic event related information and sponsorship elements.

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Campaign Goals
The original goal was to collect a two hundred email address and follow up with a targeted email blast when the Q series product launched. Email sign-ups quickly passed the original goal. Collected approximately 1800 email addresses after five weeks of running the teaser banner campaign on After removing duplicates and fraudulent data ended up with 1593 usable email addresses.


  • 32 orders
  • $82,740 incoming order revenue
  • 2.01% conversion rate
  • $2585 average order value
  • Original goal was 200 email address, collected 1593 email addresses
  • Campaign Cost $0

Teaser Banners:

Week-1 - LIFEBOOK Q banner

Week-2 - LIFEBOOK Q banner

Week-3 - LIFEBOOK Q banner

Week-4 - LIFEBOOK Q banner


Landing Page Screenshot:
The only purpose of the landing page was to collect an email address. Page included a daily countdown to the Q series product launch date.

landingpage for the LIFEBOOK Q notebook teaser campaign


Created and developed the first HTML version of eCommerce Sporting goods site I was instrumental in migrating existing AOL proprietary store front to standard HTML format allowing for a wider internet audience.

Defined, created and developed the homepage. Designed template store layouts, modular featured item elements, promotional advertising opportunities, search results screens, product show item pages, customer care section, partner programs pages, Spanish and Portuguese versions for Latin America markets, a sports lounge and ultimately rethinking the whole shopping cart layout and online buying process.

With over twenty different departments within one sporting goods site each was uniquely different while remaining consistent with an overall ShopSports three frame look and feel. A store specific header across the top, navigational java applet in the left column, with featured products to the right.

Each department was merchandised regularly, featuring the latest offers and special deals. Footwear and Golf consistently  drove the most sales. Promotion of all stores was done through banner ads, print advertising, partnerships, and tenant relationships with MSN, AOL, YAHOO!, and others.

Result: Initially an online catalog for Copeland’s Sports the web site became one of the highest grossing stores. The site sold more shoes and golf equipment than the retail stores validating the idea that a low overhead online presence can outperform traditional brick and mortar retail.

Created new standards and goals for the web site. Each redesign pushing the boundaries of what consumers want and expect online. Increased traffic and sales through daily maintenance, promotions, special offers. Also established processes for automating image production techniques, and train a growing production staff.

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