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Turn Your Personal Data Into an Interactive Infographic

Want to see an interactive infographic all about you, your online activity and personal interests? Vizify launched a graphical bio service that pulls personal data from all your social networks to create a snapshot of who you are. The free service analyzes your data and updates across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare, and displays it creatively on one page, so it can easily be shared with potential employers, clients and even dates. Vizify also allows you to edit content and organize your page the way you want. You can also set it to private if you don’t want others to come across your account while searching on the site.

Check out my interactive info-graphic

BurningAmp Festival Web Site

Web design and development for the new 5th Annual Burning Amp Festival – October 1, 2011. The DIY show for audiophiles and the general public who make their own equipment or are interested in making their own components. Bring your friends and fellow techies to check out this year’s displays of cool amps, speakers, and parts done by audio enthusiasts and DIY’ers from around the world.

Providing the web hosting and WordPress development for event organizers. Simple site with basic event related information and sponsorship elements.

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eMail Blast HTML Basics

About HTML tags and basic page formatting.

This is a short tutorial on the basics of HTML for creating and sending out email blasts. While the ability to save any document as HTML is now native to many applications, it still helps to know the basics in case something goes wrong. By learning the short list of commands outlined in this tutorial you will be able to add simple text formatting, add an external link, add images from the server, add an email link, and test your email before sending out.

You can create your email blast in any text editor application your are most familiar with. Notepad, Dreamweaver are two recommendations. A word of caution regarding Microsoft Word, while I recommend using it to test and send your final file, Word has a tendency to add proprietary HTML code that adds to your final file size. Also, authoring in Word can have some unique problems. The goal of this tutorial is to quickly show you what you really need to send out a clean HTML email. While you can author in Word, just be aware that odd things can happen.

Remember that not all email clients support HTML formatted messages. Lets get started.

This tutorial will cover the following:

  • Basic text formatting
  • More text formatting options
  • Adding images
  • Adding external links
  • Adding a link to an image
  • Adding an email link
  • More email link options
  • Get your email blast ready
  • Testing your final email
  • Congratulations

START with basic HTML text formatting